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When a national Broadway tour comes around, theaters are packed and venues unable to be booked for months in advance, yet on a daily basis, local artists are unable to bring even a meager crowd to their displays. Many people find themselves turned off by the idea of going to local symphonies, theatre, or art galleries for a variety of reasons. There is a thought that local artists just weren't good enough to go national and so why waste the time seeing their artwork or performance. Well, as both a formally nationally performing group, we can tell you this is dead wrong.

Local artists are usually local by choice, not by force. They often have traveled in the past but have now decided to settle down with a normal job and do their art on the side. Others prefer to cater the specific crowds that local art attracts. Either way, the effect is that you are able to see works and watch performances by artists who are significantly better than what you pay for. A local show/ concert is on average 30% the cost of a national group, and often the performances are of equal caliber

Another awesome reason to support local art is that it has the same benefits as supporting local business. Often local artists purchase their instruments and have repairs done at local shops, they build sets from local stores, and they hire local businesses to coordinate sales and shipping. There is a lot of benefits to areas that support their own local artists.



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